Curriculum Vitae

Academic painter Igor Ribič was born on 15th August 1962 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. He passed his degree in 1986 at the Ljubljana Academy of Art. Now he lives in Ljubljana and works at the firm Imprimo.

His most valued work in the field of illustrations for children and youth are his following works:

  • Wings series: Little Bread, Masha and the Bear, Speckled Hen, Wooden Hut, Little Havrosh, Marinca and the Cave Fairies, The Golden Fish, The Mountain Fairies, The Farm Boy and the Giant, The Miner and the Gnome (writer Rodney Martin, Era Publications, Flinders Park, Australia)
  • Der Junge und das Ungeheuer (writer Igor Šentjurc, Schneider Verlag, Muenchen)
  • Series: Blazno resno (o seksu, popolni, zadeti, slavni, v šoli) authoress Desa Muck (Založba MK)
  • Series Žlopi and Mislice (Ignacija in njen angel, Lepa Angelika, Zalika in Gusti) writer Feri Lainšček (Prešernova družba)
  • Series Mačja tačka in... (račka, petelin, pujs, konj, pes) writer Ivan Bizjak (Založba Sanjska knjiga) and many others.

In the nineties he promoted himself as a graphical designer and illustrator. He designed and was a technical manager of several Slovenian newspapers and magazines. He designed advertising materials for many Slovenian and foreign enterprises. He also formed several corporate identity designs.

He is an author of several packagings of Slovenian and foreign producers: Fructal, Ljubljanske mlekarne, Emba, Gorenjske mlekarne, Termix (Slovakia). Igor Ribič is also a leading designer of covers for audio-visual products of different music producers and composers of serious music: Mozart, Verdi, Strauss, Bach, Vivaldi, Prokofiev.

He designed also complete promotional designs for many theatre, film and television projects: films, TV emissions (Raketa, Na zdravje, Popolna poroka, Pri Črnem Petru, Ribič Pepe) and theatres (National Opera and balet, Moj teater).

Igor Ribič is also a well known designer, illustrator and technical manager of several publications for many publishers. He has been an editor of the children magazine Trobentica. He is also very successful in animation and tv production. His show Ribič Pepe has been the most popular TV series for children on National television in Slovenia for many years.